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Outside-in Approach

Our methodology is driven by an Outside-In Approach to business. A customer data driven approach, guided by the belief that customer value creation, and customer experiences are the keys to business success. We help you to immerse in your customers minds to find ways to expand demand and deliver meaningful offerings.  

Meet Dr. Ghizlane


Dr. Ghizlane Arifine brings a wealth of expertise in Marketing and Customer Experience. With over 12 years of dedicated engagement with organizations, she has been instrumental in enhancing their customer experience standards and implementing successful marketing strategies. Guided by her curiosity for customer experiences, Ghizlane has pursued a dual career path. Notably, she serves as a lecturer, imparting knowledge in customer loyalty and behavior. Simultaneously, she is a CX/UX practitioner, actively developing and executing CX programs for companies. She also coaches startups and small organizations to cultivate robust competitive advantages, leverage customer insights to achieve product market fit, tailor offerings, and achieve resonance in the market. 


Effective Collaboration between CX and Data Owners: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together (co-author)

This monograph provides tips on how CX professionals , data owners and teams can work with a variety of data-related roles to ensure all data users have access to quality data as well as meet the strategic and operational objectives of the business.

Multi-brand loyalty in consumer markets: a qualitatively-driven mixed methods approach

This article seeks a deeper understanding of Multi-brand loyalty by investigating its different types and facets in consumer markets. It is sequential, qualitatively driven mixed-method design.

Effective Collaboration Between CX and Product Development & Design: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together (Reviewer)

This monograph focuses on the responsibilities of the product development department, outlining how CX professionals can work more effectively with their product counterparts to achieve business and customer goals.

Trusted Team

Mariem Arifine

E-commerce, CRM and Digital Marketing Expert

Marie-Aude Ramos

Customer Intelligence Expert & Senior User Researcher - Founder of User Wizard