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Leverage customer insights to achieve Product market fit

Are you a startup at the preseed stage ? Are you working on bringing a new product to market, or re-launching a new one ? You don't know if your business idea is viable, if there is potential market for it ? You want to validate your concept before jumping in the water and investing in it?

Coaching Benefits

Online Courses

This course is designed to provide you with an initial and comprehensive understanding of customer feedback management. Whether you're new to the subject or looking to expand your existing knowledge, this course will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to kick off your journey in customer feedback management.

1 on 1 Coaching & Workshops

Our coaching sessions and workshops are adapted to the business size and the audience size 

Product Market Fit

Product testing from Concept to MVP

  • Get customer insights
  • Define your value proposition
  • Minimum Viable Product Testing

Business Storytelling

Craft a personalized pitch for your audience

  • Pitch your business idea
  • Sales Storytelling
  • Marketing Storytelling

And more customized workshops
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