Companies may heavily invest in creating excellent products but struggle to sell them due to issues like poor product-market fit, limited customer feedback, changing trends, ineffective marketing, or a lack of customer-centric storytelling...

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Xperience Metrics harnesses the full potential of your customer data to help you deliver effective marketing actions and achieve greater business outcomes.


Know who your ideal customers are

Personas & Journey Mapping

Personas are representations of your target audience segments based on research and data. Defining personas is crucial to better understand your niche and to use the right language to address them in your marketing messaging. We help you define them, map out their journeys with your brand online and offline, and identify pain points and areas where improvements can be made to achieve great business results.

✅ Persona Design

✅ User & Customer Journey Design

✅ Customer Centricity Framework Design

Test and validate your product Idea

UX Research & Website Performance

We offer user-focused insights for crafting optimal digital products. By delving into users’ thoughts through quantitative and qualitative research, we address essential questions, and validate your ideas. we help you create a distinctive, seamless, and engaging user experience, by evaluating the user interface of your website and applications.

✅ Website development  (Shopify, 

✅ User surveys, interviews and usability tests

✅ Google analytics 

✅ User interface Improvement

Understand what customers think about your services

Customer insights

Customer Insights are the key to successful business offerings. With our expertise in data analysis and customer research, you will gain valuable insights into your customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, so you can make the right business decisions. The outcomes of customer insights may include improved marketing campaigns, better customer segmentation, and product feature prioritization.
You will be provided with actionable insights to bridge the gap between what your customer expects and the service / product you deliver.

✅ Customer Satisfaction Surveys

✅ NPS, Customer satisfaction, customer service surveys

✅ Employee satisfaction surveys

✅ Brand Tracker & E-reputation monitoring

Leverage customer feedback to increase sales

Voice of the customer program

We support you design & implement a sustainable VOC program and draw actionable strategies to improve your customer experience. We combine a variety of methods to continuously track and monitor your customer satisfaction at the key touchpoints of the journey. By gathering feedback directly from your customers, we can identify areas where you excel and areas where you may need improvement from refining your digital marketing strategy to improving customer service and store experience.

✅ VOC Program design & implementation

✅ Technology selection

✅ Close the loop process implementation

✅ CX business cases development 

✅ Analysis & Reporting


develop content that generates qualified leads

Content Marketing

We help you gain insights into your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and aspirations, allowing to craft bespoke strategies that drive engagement, loyalty, and growth. With our customer-centric approach, we create captivating writing for websites and blogs, meticulous product page development, streamlined menus, and impactful educational posts. This includes strategic backlinks, keyword research, speed optimization, image refinement, and seamless social media integration. This holistic approach will maximize your visibility,  and enhance your user experience. Services include:

✅ Content strategy & planning

✅ Content creation and management

✅ Regular followups

Target customers with personalized emails for higher engagement

Marketing Automation

We combine CRM and marketing automation with customer experience strategy development, enabling you to harness the full potential of your customer data, streamline processes, and deliver personalized campaigns. We present a strategic framework encompassing customer segmentation, intricately designed marketing scenarios, and dynamic commercial campaigns. These initiatives collectively fortify connections with your existing customers and prospects, while also propelling a remarkable surge in your conversion rates. We help you with:

✅ Marketing automation strategy and planning

✅ Definition and implementation of emails sequences

✅ Technology selection & teams training

✅ Performance tracking

Create a Customer centric sEO Strategy for higher conversion

Seach Engine Optimization

We employ cutting-edge strategies to optimize your website’s content, structure, and backlink profile, ensuring that search engines recognize and rank your site higher. Stay ahead of the competition and drive targeted traffic to your website through our comprehensive SEO solutions. Services include: 

✅ Website Audit (usability & Design)

✅ Keyword Research and Optimization

✅ Backlink Analysis and Building

✅ Monitoring and Reporting

Elevate brand presence with the right media channel

Social Media Management

Elevate your brand presence across popular social media platforms with our tailored social media management services. We help you create engaging social media content, select the right channels, implement effective posting schedules, and boost engagement with your audience to build a loyal community around your brand.

✅ Social Media Strategy and implementation

✅ Social Media setup and profile optimization

✅Content creation & curation

✅ Analytics and reporting 


Deliver a great customer experience and increase your profit starting from now

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