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The OIS Consulting approach

AN Outside-in Perspective

OIS methodology is driven by an Outside-In Approach to business. It is a customer data driven approach, guided by the belief that customer value creation, customer orientation and customer experiences are the keys to business success. We help you to immerse in your customers minds to find ways to expand demand and deliver meaningful offerings.  

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Retail - Digital Business - B2B


Your Learning Experience
with OIS

In collaboration with experts in the CX, UX and digital marketing fields, we offer comprehensive training programs to provide new and aspiring customer experience professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles. It covers online courses, mentoring, webinars and workshops on different topics, including customer research, customer journey mapping, customer feedback analysis, and customer-centric strategy development.

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        User Wizard: Partner of Outside-in-Sight
        There is a theoretical misconception in the market, that CX and UX are the same. However, practically, CX and UX are different but complementary fields. In partnership with User Wizard, we support professionals to build synergies between CX and UX by providing cross-training opportunities. User Wizard is a mentoring program for career transitioners to user experience. If you are interested in UX deep dive learnings, check this out : User Wizard Mentoring Program.
        Link to User Wizard


        OIS collaborates with Customer Exprience technology providers, coaches and mentors in CX, UX and Digital Marketing to provide the best consulting experience for organisations and best learning experience for teams.