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Comment instaurer un Programme de la Voix du Client (French Version)

Julie Lawson, Founder of Conseil CX and Ghizlane are discussing the design and the implementation of the voice of the customer program. The podcast is in French.


Link to the podcast (French version)

Customer Experience and Pricing

🚀 Such an inspiring podcast conversation with Janene Liston on pricing strategies and how customer experience shapes the value customers perceive. 

🤔 Positive experiences lead to loyalty and advocacy, while negative ones damage reputation. 💼

💡 Solopreneurs and small businesses can stand out by incorporating a personalized touch, offering flexible pricing models, building relationships, adopting a value-driven approach, maintaining an online presence, and ensuring transparent pricing. 🌐

❓ What risks does your business face when pricing without understanding the target audience and neglecting customer experience? Overpricing, underpricing, missed upselling opportunities, and loss of competitiveness. Mitigate these risks with the following steps. 🚧

🔍 Regular check-ins and debrief sessions with customers provide valuable feedback and help understand their priorities.

🌟 Showcase examples of personalized interactions and customer engagement in your value proposition and marketing. Quality over quantity is crucial, especially for solopreneurs. 🌟

💡 Test and iterate your pricing based on feedback mechanisms and adapt to market dynamics. Your pricing model's sweet spot is dynamic and may evolve with business growth.

🌟 Understand the numbers. Track customer behavior and purchase patterns to define different segments (highly loyal, occasional buyers) and target each segment with adapted pricing strategies

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How to Transition to CX as an academic ?

Ghizlane and Marie-Aude (Founder of User Wizard) are discussing the tools that academics need to make a smooth transition to corporate CX. If you have missed it, check the summary here .

How Customer Experience and Marketing build synergies ?

Ghizlane, Marie-Aude from User Wizard and Myriam from Pragm, are discussing the importance of data storytelling to get the buy in of stakeholders within an organization.

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